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Come join the conversation around Azure with others from in and around the Milwaukee, WI area!

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Milwaukee Azure is a user group of IT people from the Milwaukee, WI area that have gotten together in a common interest surrounding the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The group was started in May 2016 when Chris Pietschmann started the Milwaukee Azure Slack Group in an effort to get conversations started with area participants. Afterwards, Kevin Ziegler and Chris Pietschmann officially kicked off the group with it's innaugural meetup in July 2016. The group has been meeting regularly ever since with lots of organization from Kevin Ziegler, and sponsors like SafeNet Consulting and Centare for hosting meetup space.

MkeAzure on GithubThe Milwaukee Azure website hosted at is hosted as an Open Source project on Github utilizing Github Pages. This not only provides a free way to host the website, but also an extremely convenient and open method of the Milwaukee Azure community to manage the website as a whole.

Group Organizers:


If you are in or near the Milwaukee, WI area and would like to join the Slack group, please contact us at the following:


Alternatively, you can contact Chris Pietschmann on Twitter directly in regards to joining the Slack group, or other information regarding Milwaukee Azure. Thanks!